Simple, purposeful and well-crafted work for brands.

We deliver stories that appeal to the senses. To us, language, user experience and strategy are as important as good design. We’re in the unique position of being a small studio with the skills and experience to deliver the seed of an idea through to full execution.

We’re looking to build long-lasting relationships with people who share a mindset of simple, purposeful and well-crafted work.

If you think we could be a good match, please get in touch.


  1. Visual artist and commercial illustrator James Dawe is known for his distinctive compositions: rich, textured future-scapes and portraits.

    His previous site was a blank canvas to show his work, but we knew it could do with a more confident approach. We worked with James to achieve a new website that reflects his style, introducing elements of movement, layering and off-centred type.

  2. It took Métier’s founder Melissa Morris three years to develop a bag she was happy to launch with. It’s this painstaking attention-to-detail that is carried out across her collection of practical and crafted leather goods, and transcends beyond – from the interiors at the flagship store to the brand’s impeccable customer service.

    We continue to work with Melissa and her team on an ongoing basis to meticulously refine and optimise the online experience.

  3. Nave aims to open up the conversation on women’s health from an honest and unbiased perspective – something founder Sophie felt was lacking throughout her pregnancy.

    We worked closely with Sophie to come up with branding that was modern, feminine and fresh – not a sign of Mumsnet here. We also designed and built the website, showcasing the services on offer, events and evidence-based info from trusted professionals via the blog and podcast.


Dos is husband and wife, Pete and Jess Sampson. We launched in April 2018. We’re based in London, UK.

Together, we’ve over twenty years of experience working with industry leaders in:

  • architecture
  • art
  • education
  • fashion
  • fragrance and beauty
  • financial services
  • hospitality
  • lifestyle and wellness
  • property
  • publishing

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  1. London Open House 2018

    The highlight of Open House 2018 for us was an unassuming 60s house in Maze Hill, built by Myles and Deirdre Dove Architects.

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