A new design studio

We deliver stories that appeal to the senses. To us, language, user experience and strategy are as important as good design. We’re in the unique position of being a small studio with the skills and experience to deliver the seed of an idea through to full execution.

We’re looking to build long-lasting relationships with people who share a mindset of simple, purposeful and well-crafted work.

If you think we could be a good match, please get in touch.


  1. Desmond & Dempsey are known for their comfy cotton pyjamas and the hand-painted prints that adorn them. Founders Molly and Joel are the embodiment of their brand, sharing a desire to make Sunday rituals feel special – and wanted their ecommerce site to reflect D&D’s other polished, yet laid-back experiences.

    We’re working with them on UX, copy, design and build to refine and optimise their website.


  2. Health Innovation Network needed their website to give clarity on their service and purpose: connecting innovators with the NHS and care systems to shape the future of health for south Londoners.

    We kicked off the first phase focusing on the user experience to create a new homepage and global navigation.


  3. Capturing their down-to-earth and optimistic attitude, we created a bold new identity for yoga and movement studio Stretch.

    We explored their values and what keeps their loyal community coming back for more to inform and refine the direction across all touchpoints. This included designing and building a new website, developing voice and tone, and creating brand elements for social, signage and merch.



Dos is husband and wife, Pete and Jess Sampson. We launched in April 2018. We’re based in London, UK.

Together, we’ve over twenty years of experience working with industry leaders in:

  • architecture
  • art
  • education
  • fashion
  • fragrance and beauty
  • financial services
  • hospitality
  • lifestyle and wellness
  • property
  • publishing

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  1. London Open House 2018

    The highlight of Open House 2018 for us was an unassuming 60s house in Maze Hill, built by Myles and Deirdre Dove Architects.

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